At Haxby Pilates York, we are dedicated to helping our clients find joy through movement.
Together, James, Marina and Clare, who met whilst training on the Reformer with Janet Wood of MI Studio, share the same ethos for providing the highest-level of care and guidance in both Reformer and Mat Pilates practice.





James is a Balanced Body qualified Mat and Reformer Instructor who came to pilates after reading an article by the former England cricket captain Mike Atherton, as a solution to an array of sports injuries and qualified as an instructor after a career in business. He is a great believer in the all-round benefits of pilates, and is particularly keen to encourage more men to give it a try to improve strength and flexibility.


Marina is a Balanced Body qualified Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor and accredited Integrative Movement Specialist. Having been a regular gym goer practising Pilates for many years, it was her successful recovery following a lower back injury by practising pilates in a dedicated Pilates Studio with a Master Educator that triggered her desire to train as a Pilates Instructor and passion to help others benefit also. Marina is currently training to teach Somatic movement.

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Clare is a Neuro-Physiotherapist who took up Pilates to strengthen and mobilise her spine and help cope with the physical demands of her job. Feeling the benefits both physically and mentally, she trained as an instructor in order to use those skills both inside and outside the NHS. She has completed her mat training with APPI and her reformer training with Balanced Body. Clare is currently on maternity leave, but very excited to return to teaching as soon as she can.